Mozambique: Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation takes part in the 14th Meeting of Portuguese-Speaking Countries and East Timor National Authorising Officers with the European Union


On 24 and 25 November 2021, in Bissau, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Republic, His Excellency Manuel José Gonçalves will take part in the 14th Meeting of National Authorising Officers (RON) of the European Fund for the Development of Portuguese-Speaking African Countries and East Timor (PALOP-TL) with the European Union (EU), which will be represented by the Ministers responsible for cooperation with the European Union.

The main points of the event’s agenda include an evaluation of the implementation of the decisions taken at the 13th RON, held in 2019, in Maputo. Discussion with our partner, the European Union, on the future of the EU-PALOP/TL Cooperation Programme and the areas of intervention of the next EU programming cycle, 2021-2027.

The meeting will adopt a set of documents, in particular the Minutes with Conclusions and Deliberations; Joint Conclusions (PALOP-TL and EU) on operational aspects and the Bissau Declaration on political aspects.

Mozambique has been the General Coordinator of the Cooperation Programme for Portuguese-Speaking Countries African Countries and East Timor since 2005. It has also held the rotating (annual) Political Presidency of the Group since 2019 and will pass it to Guinea-Bissau at this meeting.

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