Mardginia Pinto is the first female Theater Master in São Tomé and Príncipe


Mardginia Pinto, who received a scholarship from PROCULTURA, finished her master’s degree in Performing Arts (Theatre) at the University of Évora, in Portugal, where she worked for five months on the final project called “Life and art, Theater at school”, within which developed a theater workshop with students from the Liceu Nacional de São Tomé, from 14 to 18 years old.

“The theater for me does not represent life, the theater for me is life! That’s why I called my project “Vida e arte, Teatro na Escola”, revealed Mardginia. 

In his thesis, Pinto defended the importance of artistic education in the curriculum of public schools in his country, because he is sure that this would be a way of helping students to have a taste for art, and in turn, to raise self-esteem. , team spirit, relationship with oneself and with others.

From the experience she has had with her theater group, Caravan Africana, for 18 years, as well as in the theater workshop she organized as part of her thesis, Mardginia argues that through artistic education the student becomes a more empathetic and responsible.

Other PROCULTURA grantees who also finished their studies recently are the Mozambicans Orlando Fernão, 32 years old, who completed a Master’s in Ethnomusicology and Studies in Popular Music, at the University of Aveiro, and Margarida França, 35 years old, who completed the Masters in Ethnomusicology and Studies in Popular Music, also at the University of Aveiro.

PROCULTURA PALOP-TL is an Action of the PALOP Multiannual Indicative Program – Timor-Leste and the European Union, financed by the European Union, co-financed and managed by Camões, I.P. and co-financed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. It aims to contribute to job creation in income-generating activities in the cultural and creative economy in the PALOP and Timor-Leste.




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