East Timor: 25 writers trained by PROCULTURA PALOP-TL in children’s literature


At the end of this training programme, each one of the participants will write a children’s tale and the five best tales produced in class will be chosen for editing and publication.

For authors and teachers, the construction of narratives, stories and books are fundamental factors for increasing academic competitiveness, literacy and the expression of citizenship. For this reason, the EU is proud of its support for Procultura, together with the Portuguese East Timor Cooperation, in the actions aimed at providing a better future for teachers and children in East Timor.

PROCULTURA PALOP-TL is an initiative of the PALOP – East Timor and European Union Multiannual Indicative Programme, funded by the European Union, co-funded and managed by Camões, IP and co-funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. It aims to contribute to job creation in income-generating activities within the cultural and creative economy in the PALOP and East Timor.

Source: European Union in East Timor

Photo: European Union in East Timor

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