3rd Meeting of the PASP Steering Committee

Public Administration

According to the coordinator of the management unit, Diogo Franco, the balance is “frankly positive, with a formal component that is around 80% of financial and technical execution and a national component with a very satisfactory implementation”, with the consolidation of an electronic governance agenda for the group.

With a Technical Meeting and an Official Meeting – the opening of which was attended by the Coordinator of the Services of the National Authorizing Officer of Cape Verde, the President of the Camões I.P., the Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Cape Verde and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, – the meeting included the presentation of PRIME – PASP eGovernment Portal and approval of the Activity Reports of the Year 4, presentation of the activities developed and to be developed by May 2018, as well as approval of budget and communication and visibility plan’s execution, with a view to closing the project.

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