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Unified Qualifications Systems for greater professional mobility in the PALOP and East Timor

Professional Qualification

The PASFP Vocational Training Sector Support Project (2010-2013) inspired, in some countries, educational policy decisions, such as the integration of Vocational Training and Technical-Vocational Education in structures that adopt modular training methods in accordance with competence references defined within the scope of Unified Qualifications Systems, in order to establish equivalences and provide professional mobility in the PALOP-TL.

The bases were promoted for the consolidation, expansion and creation of the National Qualifications System (SNQ) in all PALOP-TL with due adaptation to the existing reality in each country and to propose equivalence tables between the qualifications awarded by the different countries, in order to  implement the free movement of qualified professionals among the PALOP-TL.

The new stage, within the framework of the 11th EDF, is intended to continue the methodologies of Technical and Professional training, initiated under the PASFP, consolidating some areas such as: Creative Cultural Industries and Hospitality, Restaurants and Tourism; and, encompassing other areas of potential interest for the economic development of countries and for combating unemployment among populations with difficulties in finding a job.

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