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Successful experiences in Statistics, Justice and Electoral Cycles

Justice, Statistic
PALOP-TL/EU cooperation, within the framework of the 9th and 10th EDF, focused on essential intervention areas of common interest, with relevance, in the sectors of Statistics, Justice and Electoral Cycles:
  • With international standards of common development, exchange of experiences and training, namely in cooperation with “Eurostat”, the work carried out in the Statistics sector contributed to the strengthening of national control mechanisms, identified as a common objective in the 11th EDF PINs in 3 PALOP-TL countries.
  • In the area of ​​Justice, the intervention in (i) training of personnel of the judiciary and prison systems, (ii) supply of material and specialized documents, to the training centers of the five PALOP and conception, elaboration and (iii) access to a database of data on the legislation of each of the PALOPs (active and with growing interest), proved to be relevant to the ongoing projects under the 10th EDF, in the area of ​​Consolidation of the Rule of Law – PACED – and Improvement and Proximity of Public Services – PASP.
  • In the case of the Electoral Cycles, the evaluation to which it was subjected refers to the high relevance of the project with good management and coordination; refers to the success of sharing and strengthening South-South cooperation, recognizing the need to carry out more sustainable programs, with a greater concentration on good practices already acquired, guaranteeing the implementation of gender-sensitive activities and an approach based on human rights. The relevance of continuing EU support was considered, considering the degree of capacity built, highlighting the need to encourage and strengthen collaboration between Civil Society and the Electoral Management Bodies as well as the need to establish networks and forums in various domains of activities, as a complement to other existing national and regional programmes.

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