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Strengthening women’s political participation and leadership


The program initiated by Pro PALOP-TL to train women, leaders and parliamentarians, trainers in leadership and political participation had a tremendous impact. The potential for replicating training at a national level based on south-south exchanges is extraordinary and the potential for impact on the base and with the most disadvantaged and delocalized layers is real.

A relatively small number of trainers enabled around 80 women, leaders at grassroots level, in Mozambique to be trained in a maximum period of two to three weeks. These women trainers, leaders and parliamentarians in the PALOP, continue to maintain exchanges and contacts with each other on the basis of small projects to promote participation at the base and in the localities that were developed during the Brussels formation (Dec 2013). These small projects form an integrated program with the potential for real impact and triggering a transformative dynamic in women’s participation at the local level in the PALOP. Baselines, strategy, indicators and actions have already been identified in inclusive and participatory planning processes, all that remains is to rationalize these inputs into a budgeted results-based program

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