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Principles of a unique geographically dispersed Regional Cooperation

Over 25 years of cooperation, the following principles were adopted and reinforced for the execution of the program:

  • Facilitate communication and the relationship between the partners, with regard to their expectations about the projects, in order to create a stable and solidary work base, on which a management model appropriate to the interests and needs of the various partners would be possible;
  • Ensure the national continuity of actions developed at regional level, through a coherent articulation between the assumptions, objectives, results and resources defined for these two intervention plans;
  • Carry out a rigorous evaluation of the projects (either at regional or national level), with a view to consolidating and reinforcing the actions carried out with evident success and reformulating, or even abandoning, those that reveal difficulties in their execution (lack of political or technical relevance, contextual inadequacy, management errors, etc.) Consult the evaluations and recommendations of the projects in our Library.

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