Support for the Establishment of an Economic and Financial Management Training Institute of the PALOP countries | PAIGEF


Strengthen economic governance capacities and the effectiveness, transparency, quality and efficiency of the Public Finance Management (PFM) systems of the PALOP countries and East Timor by improving the skills of human resources and institutions in the sector.


  • Have a sustainable and well-respected Portuguese-language training institute specialising in the PFM areas that is fully functioning from an organisational, technical and operational point of view, in accordance with its mandate;
  • Improvement of the technical skills of the institutions of the partner countries in the PFM areas;
  • Improved knowledge in the PFM areas, made available to the institutions of the partner countries;
  • Enhanced ability of the institutions and human resources in the PALOP-TL countries to formulate and implement their macroeconomic and financial policies, as well as their public debt management;
  • Increased cooperation and collaboration among equivalent institutions in the different PALOP-TL countries, as well as between such institutions and relevant external and international organisations, based on common guidelines, on the topics of the project.

Target Audience

  • IGEF - Economic and Financial Management Training Institute of the PALOP countries (operating on the premises of INFORFIP, in Cacuaco, Luanda, Angola; the future IGEF headquarters building is under construction in the city of Lubango)
  • High-level officials and technical staff from the PALOP-TL countries from ministries with functions related to budget planning, preparation, control and implementation, internal audit
  • Institutions responsible for external audits, national statistics and central banks, which may participate in IGEF activities.

Indirect Beneficiaries: The private sector.

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