Strengthening the Technical and Functional Skills of Senior Audit Institutions (SAIs), National Parliaments and Civil Society to Control the Public Finances in the PALOP-TL Countries | PRISC


Encourage good economic governance in the PALOP-TL countries by enhancing the technical and functional skills of Senior Audit Institutions (SAIs), National Parliaments and MPs and Civil Society (including the media), and by improving the effective political, judicial and external control of public finances.


  • Enhancing the ability of the SAIs to control and audit public finances in the PALOP-TL countries, in peer-learning context, to promote South-South PALOP-TL cooperation within the framework of other CPLP cooperation initiatives;
  • Development of oversight capacities by parliaments and civil society to improve external control, legislative supervision and public scrutiny of public finances in the PALOP countries and East Timor.

Target Audience

  • Senior Audit Institutions
  • Parliaments
  • Civil Society Organisations
  • Media

Indirect beneficiaries: The general population in the PALOP-TL countries.

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