Meeting in Luanda on the occasion of the Conference “Free and Open Source Software: Shared Resources in PALOP and TL” held in Luanda at the National Institute for Information Society Promotion, the focal points of the PASP project, with the contribution of the Modernization Agency Administrative Council of Portugal and the intervention of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs for Cooperation and Development, discussed the use of free software to promote the quality of services to citizens and highlighted the quality of the contributions and the multilateral nature of the work.

At the event, they decided to convert the results of the Conference into contributions to the sustainability of PASP and cooperation in the area of Electronic and Digital Governance through free and open source code and the elaboration of a FOSS action plan that would constitute the operational matrix of the future FOSS Cooperation Community among the PALOP-TL.

(text adapted from “The Luanda Commitment”)

“The conditions have been created for this conference to lay the foundations of a future FOSS PALOP and east Timor Community,” said Pedro Oliveira, head of Bilateral Affairs of Camões, IP, on the conference “Free and Open Source Software – Shared resources in PALOP and East Timor, “which took place on the 12th  and 13th of March, in Luanda.

“The applications already developed in the partner countries are quite innovative and as such, revealing the potential for replication and expansion of the regional cooperation model between the PALOPs and East Timor through the sharing of information and concrete products.”

From this meeting of experts, it was concluded that the main challenge was not the mere exchange of software or the transfer of source codes between countries, but the design of strategies for modernizing public administrations in their legal, institutional and planning domains of public policies, based on integrated technological supports, which guarantee interoperability between services and better cost-benefit ratio.

The Project to Support the Improvement of Quality and Proximity of Public Services in PALOP and East Timor is co-financed by the European Union (EUR 4,800,000,000.00) under the 10th European Development Fund and co-funded and executed by Camões – Institute of Cooperation and Language, IP (EUR 1,000,000.00). Technical supervision of the project is provided by the Agency for Administrative Modernization, I.P. (AMA, I.P.).