Pro PALOP-TL ISC organiza Comité de Pilotagem para avaliação final e encerramento do Projecto

Around 40 dignitaries, representatives of the Supreme Audit Institutions, Parliaments, National Delegations and Central Services of the European Union, UNDP Country Offices and PALOP and East Timor Governments met on the 1st and 2nd February 2018, at the Portuguese Auditors Court, on the Pilot Committee of Pro PALOP-TL ISC.

This last session of the project’s above-mentioned supervisory body assessed the impact and results of a four year very successful implementation, which enabled the development of external control, parliamentary oversight and social monitoring capacities of public expenditure and the promotion of greater budgetary transparency in the PALOP and East Timor.

The work agenda, designed in order to promote discussions among the beneficiaries, the executive and the financier of the project, aimed at recording the perceptions and testimonies of senior dignitaries and representatives of the main beneficiary institutions on persisting challenges, achievements and impact of the project.

It was up to the Project Management Unit to make a systematic presentation of achievements, impact / transformation and lessons learned. During the two-day work session there was also a display of the project’s most iconic products.