Public administration

Civil society organizations from São Tome and Principe participate in na Exchange with their counterparts in Mozambique, within the scope of the PROPALOP/TL ISC project

On the 16th of March, civil society organizations from São Tomé and Príncipe visited the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD), in its capacity as secretariat of the Budget Monitoring Forum (FMO), with the aim of getting to know the work carried out by their Mozambican counterparts within the scope of the PROPALOP-TL ISC Phase II project, related to the monitoring of public finances.

The visit also aimed to collect subsidies within the scope of the preparatory work for the creation/institutionalization of a forum to monitor the accounts and public policies of São Toméan Civil Society organizations.

Through this experience, it was possible to exchange views on the challenges faced by civil society organizations in terms of participation in decision-making spaces for the effective functioning of their public administration systems, with regard to the effective management of Public Finances, budgetary oversight and control of public resources, with an adverse impact on various sectors of governance.

At the moment, Mozambique is one of the countries participating in the Program for the Consolidation of Economic Governance and Public Finance Management Systems in the PRO PALOP-TL, and is currently in phase II, which consists of developing initiatives to overcome the challenges mentioned above. , through the FMO in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and with the support of the European Union (EU).

Source: FMO

Photo: FMO